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 December 2018

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Every Child Can Class at the Center – Friday 9/6 at 9 am


The Center is hosting an ‘Every Child Can’ Suzuki introductory class on Friday 9/6 starting at 9 am (to 4 pm with one hour lunch break). The class will be taught by the SAA Certified Teacher Trainer Françoise Pierredon, a fabulous piano teacher, a teacher trainer. Her bio on SAA site is: http://suzukiassociation.org/people/francoise-pierredon/

‘Every Child Can’ class includes an introduction to learning styles, history of the development of Suzuki education, the role of parents, the importance of Suzuki pedagogical training, and an overview of the SAA’s role in supporting teachers and parents. It is a great course for all parents – and not just for Suzuki parents – and is appropriate for any person who is interested in the methodology and psychology of teaching very young children. It transfers to many aspects of learning in a child. More information on Every Child Can is found here: http://suzukiassociation.org/teachers/training/ecc/

The cost for the class will depend on how many people sign up. Thus, the more people sign-up, the less it will cost per person to do the class. There are already 4 people signed up. So, the $300 fee FOR THE ENTIRE GROUP will be split evenly, plus $30 per person for the SAA registration fee and the book. Thus:

 –          Person 5 would make the class cost 60+30

–          Person 6 would make the class cost 50+30

–          Person 7 would make the class cost 42.86+30… etc…

 The class takes 7 hours (6 hours for the class and 1 hour lunch break) and the class is scheduled for:

 Friday    September  6        9:00 am to 4:00 pm (6 hours class, 1 hour lunch break)

Please email Director at MusicArtDance dot org. Subject: “ECC Training on 9/6′ and include:

  1. your name
  2. address
  3. phone number
  4. email.

A week before the class, you will be informed of the number of people registered and final cost of the class. Checks payable to Wyoming Fine Arts Center will be accepted, or for credit card payments (VISA/MASTER/DISCOVER), a 3% credit card processing fee will be added.

Thank you!!

Suzuki Violin, Viola & Piano

Suzuki Violin & Viola


  • The Suzuki approach deals with much more than teaching a child how to play an instrument. It seeks to develop the whole child, to help unfold his natural potential to learn and become a good and happy person.


  • Dr. Shinichi Suzuki of Japan, (1898-1998), founded the Suzuki Talent Education method over fifty years ago. Over the years the method has spread to virtually all corners of the world and is  the best suited instrumental music educational method for children. The Suzuki method, also known as the ”mother tongue” method, applies the basic principles of language acquisition to the learning of music. One of the main points of Suzuki education is the belief that every child has talent and that talent is developed and not inborn. With a supporting parent and a nurturing teacher every child can learn to play an instrument and play it well. The ideas of parent responsibility, loving encouragement and constant repetition are some of the special features of the Suzuki approach.


  • One important aspect of the Suzuki education is the mentoring educational triangle formed between the student, the teacher and the parent. Parents are involved in the musical learning of their child by
    • attending lessons
    • being “home teachers” during the week
    • and by working with the teacher to create an enjoyable learning environment at home, where music becomes a joyous part of upbringing.
  • In addition to private lessons, children also participate in regular group lessons and have many opportunities to perform:
    • in informal weekly “Talent Time” recitals
    • in formal group and solo recitals
    • in concerts at the Center
    • and through community outreach events


  • One of our major beliefs is giving back and serving the community through music. Thus, our program has in the past performed to help raise funds for various organizations in town, including Schreiners Children Hospital. We also performed at the Cincinnati Symphony pre-concert events and in retirement communities, among other.


  • The Wyoming Fine Arts Center’s Suzuki program offers private lessons and group instruction in:
    • violin
    • viola
    • cello
    • piano


  • We accept students as young as 3 and older. Once a registration form is received we will have the Suzuki Coordinator call and set up observations for you and the student. When the observation process is complete, you will be placed with an instructor. You are under no financial obligations until you begin the private lessons, thus observations are a part of an orientation process and are free. To learn more about the Suzuki approach to teaching music, give us a call or visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas (google “Suzuki Association of Americas”).


  • How to register for the Program:

    • Call the office at 513-948-1900 to register over the phone or for more information.
    • Register Online. Click here to fill out our email registration form
    • Print the form, register for the instrument, length of lesson, program, and quarter you wish to begin lessons.
      • Sign the waiver at the bottom of the form.
      • Mail to: Wyoming Fine Arts Center, 322 Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming,  Ohio 45215


Click on the following link to go to Registration Form, Tuition & Policies

  • Once you have been placed with an instructor, the office will be notified of the beginning lesson date and you will be sent an invoice for the semester of tuition and a registration fee. Full payment or payment plan set-up is due by first lesson.