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Suzuki Piano Program



Suzuki methodology deals with more than just teaching a child to play an instrument. Through music it seeks to develop the whole child into a loving and caring member of our society, to help unfold his natural potential to learn and become a good and happy person.


Each Suzuki program reflects the philosophy and the spirit of the teacher and how she or he relates it to the student. Suzuki Piano Program at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center is small, but very strong. Lead by Dr. Richard Seil,  an experienced educator and performer, students meet for weekly private instruction, bi-weekly group instruction (Saturday mornings) and have quarterly celebration recitals. We want for students to share their joy of learning in a supportive – happy environment.

A happy environment

Our goal is to create a Suzuki Piano program that is a happy, non-judgmental program. Our belief is that only such program yields a high standard and great student ability, in addition to love for the music and the piano. A happy environment relates to a positive parental response, which is a key to this success, especially in the celebration of:

  • small steps
  • repetition
  • enjoying the mastery of each step
  • the child’s individuality


Dr Suzuki

The program is named after Dr. Shinichi Suzuki of Japan, (1898-1998), who founded the Suzuki Talent Education method over fifty years ago. As a young man, Dr. Suzuki traveled to Germany and had a keen observation that children learn their own language very easily. Furthermore, within Japan too, there are many different dialects which children also pick-up as they learn to speak. This is done naturally through immersion – everyone around the child talks to the child and encourages the child to speak. Even as children first babble, we don’t criticize it, but rather meet it with joy, encouragement and awe. This approach is replicated in learning to play.

The Suzuki method is thus, also known as the ”mother tongue’‘ method, and it applies the basic principles of language acquisition to the learning of music. One of the main points of Suzuki education is the belief that every child has talent and that, under right circumstances and guidance, talent is developed and is not “inborn” (as every child also learns how to talk, barring any developmental disability).

With a supporting parent and a nurturing teacher, every child can learn to play an instrument and play it well. The ideas of parent responsibility, loving encouragement and constant repetition are some of the special features of the Suzuki approach.


One important aspect of the Suzuki education is the mentoring educational triangle formed between the student, the teacher and the parent. A loving environment is created for the child, in which the child’s natural inclanation to music are channeled without negative judgement, but lovingly through encouragement and celebration of each small step as the child progresses. To achieve this, one parent is involved in the musical learning of their child by

  • attending lessons
  • being “home teachers” during the week
  • and by working with the teacher to create an enjoyable learning environment at home, where music becomes a joyous part of upbringing.

In addition to private lessons, Suzuki Piano children also participate in regular bi-weekly group lessons and have many opportunities to perform:

  • in informal bi-weekly “Talent Time” recitals
  • in formal quarterly group and solo recitals

Over the years the SUZUKI method has spread to virtually all corners of the world and is the best suited instrumental music educational method for children.

How do I know if my child is ready for lessons or has an aptitude for piano?

A basic philosophy of the Suzuki Method is that most children can be taught to play an instrument to a high level, that musical talent is not inborn but the result of a child’s environment and education. Music skills begin at birth!! Parent and child may begin formal piano lessons between age 3 and 5. After the age of five, nearly all children may be considered ready. Once a registration form is received we will have the Suzuki Director call and set up observations for you and the student. When the observation process is complete, you will be placed with an instructor. You are under no financial obligations until you begin the private lessons, thus observations are a part of an orientation process and are free. To learn more about the Suzuki approach to teaching music, give us a call or visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas (google “Suzuki Association of Americas”).

What style of music do Suzuki students study?

The Suzuki Piano repertoire consists of a foundation in western classical music, pieces by all the familiar composers: Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schumann, to name a few. There are seven published books of repertoire, after which students may continue studying an established series of classical pieces designed to increase technique and ability.



What does it mean ‘Suzuki Community’ ?

As mentioned, the goal of the Suzuki Talent Education is to develop a child who is happy, loving and caring member of our society, and to help unfold her natural potential to learn and become a good and happy person. One of our major beliefs is creating a community of students who are giving back and serving the community through music. Thus, our program has in the past performed to help raise funds for various organizations in town, including Schreiners Children Hospital. We also performed at the Cincinnati Symphony pre-concert events and in retirement communities, among other.


What instruments can be taught using the Suzuki Method?

Throughout the world, programs have been developed to teach virtually any instrument using the Suzuki method. At the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, we offer Suzuki program in:

  • violin
  • viola
  • cello
  • piano


Depending on the student maturity, we accept students as young as 3 and older. Once a registration form is received we will have the Suzuki Director call and set up observations for you and the student. When the observation process is complete, you will be placed with an instructor. You are under no financial obligations until you begin the private lessons, thus observations are a part of an orientation process and are free. To learn more about the Suzuki approach to teaching music, give us a call or visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas (google “Suzuki Association of Americas”).


How to register for the Program:

    • Call the office at 513-948-1900 to register over the phone or for more information.
    • Register Online. Click here to fill out our email registration form . Our office will contact you to discuss next steps.
    • Note that Suzuki Piano Groups meet every other SATURDAY morning. Private lessons are scheduled on other days of the week.
  • Once we talked over the phone, we will schedule for you to come and observe the program: private lessons and group program.
  • Upon completion of the observation, you will be placed with an instructor who will set-up your private lessons and direct you to appropriate group program time. At that time the office will be notified of the beginning lesson date and you will be sent an invoice for the semester of tuition (prorated if starting mid-term), and a registration fee. Full payment or payment plan set-up is due by first lesson.


  • NOTE: 2018-19 Tuition is: $451.65 per 12-week quarter which includes 12 x 30 minute lessons, 6 x group classes and 3-4 x concert celebrations (there are 3 quarters per school year, no summer group). Make-up weeks are built in the calendar, and are offered only under the following cancellation policy.


If after reading this information you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 513-948-1900.


Do not register and pay for classes below until AFTER we have talked with you and you have gone through observation and have been invoiced for the program by the office. You will receive an email upon completion of this last step.



Center Policies are here – by registering for a program at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, you agree to policies as outlined on our website.





Private Music Lessons

Teaching music lessons to Cincinnati students for over 20 years!

Piano Lesson at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center

At the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, students interested in private lessons can study with our wonderful faculty the following instruments:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Harp (classical and Celtic)
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Drums
  • as well as Suzuki Program in Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano.

List of Faculty, by discipline, can be accessed here.


Due to the specific nature of private study, private music lessons are set-up via a short interview process with our office. After this is done, you will be placed with an appropriate teacher based on your availability and interest. The teacher would then call you to discuss in more details your interests and goals, and set-up a lesson time. This time will then become your weekly dedicated private lesson time. Should you desire a trial lessons with one or several teachers before commencing, this too can be arranged. Please note that there is a fee for each trial lesson (our teachers are all working artists and their teaching time is compensated).

At the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, students are registered for three 12-week quarters: Fall/Winter/Spring, with a dedicated make-up week each session, plus a shorter Summer session, usually consisting of 6-8 weeks. Students are also accepted year-round, and depending where in the term we are when you start, the lessons would be prorated.

Although you are free to stop lessons at the end of each quarter, students are strongly encouraged to take lessons year-round, primarily because we believe that what we are learning in private music lessons is a life-long dedication and discipline, which is applicable to both academic subjects and life-skills in general (stick-to-itiveness or grit). Therefore, before commencing the process of taking lessons, do ask your self why you would want to take lessons and will you commit to daily practice. Our faculty will work hard and diligently to make your experience at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center the best you will have anywhere in Cincinnati – with minding that, ultimately, you will get out of the lessons only that which you’ve put in at home practice.

Cost: Base 30 minute weekly lesson cost is $31.20. Lessons are billed in entire quarters (12 x $31.20 + $25 yearly registration fee), or prorated quarter for new students starting outside the regular quarter begin-date(?? x $31.20 + $25), as the student commitment must be for the entire length of the quarter in which they start (whether or not it’s the beginning or prorated quarter start). New students must pay their tuition BEFORE the start of their first lesson. Payment plans are also available and there is no additional cost for billing the lessons in 2 or 3 payments, and partial payment is also acceptable, again – before commencing with the lessons. For your convenience, payments can be made online via our secure payment processor (with visa, mastercard or discover card), over the phone or in person with a credit card, or with a check.

Thank you for your interest in private lessons at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, Cincinnati’s longest running and preeminent Community Arts Center.


If you are ready to start the process, please call us at 513-948-1900, or email us HERE, using our “contact us” form. 


Cubist Music


NOTE: in addition to tuition, each student is assessed, once per year, a $25 Annual Registration Fee.





Private Piano Lessons

Piano Lesson at the Wyoming Fine Arts CenterWe know that children learn best when they’re excited, inspired, and eager to learn more. But not every great musician or artist is also a great teacher. At the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, we choose our faculty very carefully, looking not only at their education but also their experience in teaching and working with children. Many teachers also teach beginning adult students, so whether lessons you seek are for your child or yourself, we have a teacher to accommodate.

Private Piano Lessons are offered to all interested persons in the Greater Cincinnati region. To start lessons, you will first need to talk to our office staff about your student, your goals for the study, your availability for lessons and any other circumstances we should know in order to successfully match the student with an appropriate teacher. Student will then be matched by us with a piano teacher based on your interview (level of the student, your goals for the lessons, compatibility with the teacher, your availability during the week, and any other special circumstances). Piano lessons can be started at any time during the year. For lessons not started at the beginning of the quarter, tuition is prorated to reflect the start date.

Private piano lessons are billed in 12 week quarters. This assures our ability to retain some of the best teachers and provide our teachers with income stability. Except under a special circumstance, refunds are not available once you committed and paid for the lessons. Payment for lessons is due before the start of lessons. Payment plan is available. Please see our “Policies” page for details on refunds and cancellation.

Please call us now at 513-948-1900 or click here to contact us via our contact form. We can then call you.

Piano Faculty:

For current costs, please contact the office or visit our Brochures and Flyers page for the relevant program booklet.

Private Music Lessons

To contact us about starting up with one of our teachers, please call us at 513-948-1900 or fill this form.

We welcome children and adults with no musical experience through advanced abilities to study at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, Cincinnati’s oldest non-profit community arts center.

Our music teachers have many years of teaching experience and degrees in their field. All have at least Bachelor degree in music, and many are with Masters and DMA. They are some of the most sought-after instructors in Cincinnati.  From violin, viola, cello and bass, to guitar, harp, piano, drums and voice, lessons offered at Wyoming Fine Arts Center will be on-par with any college preparatory program in Cincinnati and the tri-state. We invite you to call us and set-up a trial lesson.

List of our faculty, by discipline, is here.

If you are looking for Suzuki Program in Violin, Viola, Cello, click here.

For Suzuki Piano, click here.

Private music lessons are offered on following instruments:

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass (acoustic and electric), Guitar (acoustic and electric, classical, jazz and pop/rock styles), Harp, Piano, Drums, and Voice.