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  • Christine Fishel: I’m interested in a violin summer camp for my 7th grader.
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Dance Classes Schedule, Pricing and Guidelines

In 2017-18, all classes meet once per week. Hip Hop and Dance to the Beat can be joined at any time.

Apples to apples: per class cost is only $14.20/hour

Thank you for your interest in our dance program.



–  To empower students to become a best version of themselves through dance, by providing appropriate combination of challenge in the class with intensity of practice.

–  To prepare students for a lifetime of healthy dancing, no matter which level they are to reach or how far they progress.

–  To provide an alternative HIGH QUALITY and AFFORDABLE program CLOSER to home.






6:15-7:15 pm      Hip Hop with Steve Irwin





10:00 – 11:00am   Dance to the Beat with Heather Yee



2017-18 Dance Sessions

Once signed-up, the student is expected to continue dancing for the duration of the school year. Sessions are listed below to allow natural holiday breaks. Students will be automatically invoiced at the beginning of Spring Session. Please see below.

– Classes start 9/6/2017.

Term 1 is 9/6/2017 to 1/17/2018. (17 weeks) $241.40

Term 2 is 1/24/2018 to 5/23/2018 (17 weeks) $241.40


Weeks off are:

12/25/17 – 1/7/18 – Winter Break

3/26/8 – 4/1/18 – Spring Break




Adult Fitness: Class-Pass Tuition as follows:

Individual class: $13

5-Class Pass: $55 ($11 per class)

10-Class Pass: $100 ($10 per class)

16-Class Pass: $144 ($9 per class)

SIBLING DISCOUNT: If you are registering 2nd or 3rd child for a dance class, you will receive a 10% discount. No discounts on Fitness Class Passes.

YEARLY REGISTRATION FEE: Each student is assessed $25 yearly registration fee (except for Fitness Class). Second sibling taking class or lessons at the Center is assessed $12.50 registration fee. Third and any other subsequent family member (sibling or parent) does not pay registration fee.


Welcome To Our New Website!

 Guitar Ensemble with Matt Frechtling

Guitar Ensemble Performance

Hello and welcome to our new website. The site will give you all information on our programs. To find out more information and to sign-up for any summer music, art or dance camps or classes, please look under the appropriate menu.

The Center offers year-round private lessons in various instruments, including all the strings (violin, viola, cello and bass), piano, guitar, harp, voice, drums and composition.We also offer a wonderful Musikgarten program for the youngest of children to 12 year olds. Your child can also study fine arts with our wonderful faculty or take a dance class.

Thank you and welcome to the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, your home for quality in music, art and dance instruction in the Greater Cincinnati region.