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NEW – Preschool Art Play

A new 8-week class just for preschoolers! 

Class is offered on:

  • Wednesdays, 10-11 am
    • Fall: 9/26-11/14
    • Winter: 1/19-2/9

Children naturally love art. They draw and color from early on in life. We will be using the same seasonal themes as in music class to create and learn about the art in a fun and stimulating environment.

Wear your messy clothes because we are going to get…… MESSY! (Or just use our aprons and coverall t-shirt.)


Click here for Art Classes Schedule, Pricing and Guidelines




Art Class Schedule and Pricing Guidelines

2017-18 Art Classes Schedule


(no classes)


6:00 – 7:15 pm     Elementary Art (Studio Art for grades 3-4)


3:30 – 5:00 pm     High School Art (Studio Art for grades 9-12)


(no classes)


10:00 -11 am     Preschool Art (for 3-5 year olds)


9-10 am               Elementary Art (Studio Art for grades k-2)

10:00 – 11:15     Middle School Art (Studio Art for grades 5-8)

Saturday Family Art, 1-3 pm, $25 per family

  • Saturday September 23
  • Saturday January 20
  • Spring: April 14

2017-18 Art School Sessions Schedule

Once signed-up, the student is expected to continue the class for the duration of the school year. Sessions are listed below to allow natural holiday breaks, and to allow for 3 tuition installments. You may choose to register for the full year and save 5% off the session tuition. Please call us to register for a full year. Students will be automatically invoiced at the beginning of each session following the Fall Session. Please see below.

  • Fall Quarter: September 11-December 9 (12 weeks, off week 11/20-26)
  • Winter Quarter: January 15- March 24 (10 weeks)
  • Spring Quarter: April 2-May 26th (9 weeks)


*Preschool Art Play:

Friday 10:00-11:00 am, $99:40 ea., fall / winter / spring

 *Seven-week sessions – all different projects – do one session or all 3 for a full year of preschool art fun:

  • September 22- November 3
  • January 12- February 23
  • April 6- May 18


Art Classes Tuition – (Includes all supplies!)

Preschool Art:

  • 7 weeks: $99.40 ea

60 minute Classes:

  • $: 170.40 fall (12 weeks) / 142 winter (10 weeks) / 127.80 spring (9 weeks)

75 minute Classes:

  • Session 1 $: 213 fall (12 weeks)/ 177.50 winter (10 weeks) / 159.75 spring (9 weeks)

90 minute Classes:

  • Session 1 (12 weeks): $255.60
  • Session 2 (10 weeks): $213.00
  • Session 3 (9 weeks): $191.70

Special pricing on families with 3 or more children available. Call for details.


YEARLY REGISTRATION FEE: Each student is assessed $25 yearly registration fee. Second sibling taking class or lessons at the Center is assessed $12.50 registration fee. Third and any other subsequent family member (sibling or parent) does not pay registration fee.

SIBLING DISCOUNT: If you are registering 2nd or 3rd child for an art class, you will receive a 10% discount. Tuition is automatically applied during registration.