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Private Music Lessons

Teaching music lessons to Cincinnati students for over 20 years!

Piano Lesson at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center

At the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, students interested in private lessons can study with our wonderful faculty the following instruments:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Harp (classical and Celtic)
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Drums
  • as well as Suzuki Program in Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano.

List of Faculty, by discipline, can be accessed here.


Due to the specific nature of private study, private music lessons are set-up via a short interview process with our office. After this is done, you will be placed with an appropriate teacher based on your availability and interest. The teacher would then call you to discuss in more details your interests and goals, and set-up a lesson time. This time will then become your weekly dedicated private lesson time. Should you desire a trial lessons with one or several teachers before commencing, this too can be arranged. Please note that there is a fee for each trial lesson (our teachers are all working artists and their teaching time is compensated).

At the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, students are registered for three 12-week quarters: Fall/Winter/Spring, with a dedicated make-up week each session, plus a shorter Summer session, usually consisting of 6-8 weeks. Students are also accepted year-round, and depending where in the term we are when you start, the lessons would be prorated.

Although you are free to stop lessons at the end of each quarter, students are strongly encouraged to take lessons year-round, primarily because we believe that what we are learning in private music lessons is a life-long dedication and discipline, which is applicable to both academic subjects and life-skills in general (stick-to-itiveness or grit). Therefore, before commencing the process of taking lessons, do ask your self why you would want to take lessons and will you commit to daily practice. Our faculty will work hard and diligently to make your experience at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center the best you will have anywhere in Cincinnati – with minding that, ultimately, you will get out of the lessons only that which you’ve put in at home practice.

Cost: Base 30 minute weekly lesson cost is $31.20. Lessons are billed in entire quarters (12 x $31.20 + $25 yearly registration fee), or prorated quarter for new students starting outside the regular quarter begin-date(?? x $31.20 + $25), as the student commitment must be for the entire length of the quarter in which they start (whether or not it’s the beginning or prorated quarter start). New students must pay their tuition BEFORE the start of their first lesson. Payment plans are also available and there is no additional cost for billing the lessons in 2 or 3 payments, and partial payment is also acceptable, again – before commencing with the lessons. For your convenience, payments can be made online via our secure payment processor (with visa, mastercard or discover card), over the phone or in person with a credit card, or with a check.

Thank you for your interest in private lessons at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, Cincinnati’s longest running and preeminent Community Arts Center.


If you are ready to start the process, please call us at 513-948-1900, or email us HERE, using our “contact us” form. 


Cubist Music


NOTE: in addition to tuition, each student is assessed, once per year, a $25 Annual Registration Fee.





Age Group:
Class Prerequisite: (none)
Materials: (none)
Class Length:

Traditional Private Music Lessons

Class Dates: 08/13/2018 - 11/04/2018
Day of Week: variou
Time: varies -
Single Tuition: $374.40 (Deposit: $374.40)
Sibling Tuition: $337 (Deposit: $337)

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Traditional Private Music Lessons

Class Dates: 11/05/2018 - 02/17/2019
Day of Week: variou
Time: varies -
Single Tuition: $374.40 (Deposit: $374.40)
Sibling Tuition: $337 (Deposit: $337)

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Traditional Private Music Lessons

Class Dates: 02/25/2019 - 05/26/2019
Day of Week: variou
Time: varies -
Single Tuition: $374.40 (Deposit: $374.40)
Sibling Tuition: $337 (Deposit: $337)

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Low-key, high-fun camps are designed for kids to enjoy and explore their creative side through attending either morning or afternoon sessions, or combining both for a full-day experience. Pre and post camp care is also available for only $25 for the entire week!!


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