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Piano Bash Camp

Summer Piano Hands

Our upcoming 12th Summer Piano Camp – WFAC/CCM Piano Bash is upon us. A few spots are still available.

–          Camp starts on August 4, is week-long through Friday August 8, and hours are 9 am to 4:00 pm.

–          Accepting pre-college students of all levels.

–          We are still accepting beginning students (ages 6-9 is target age, but older students may be fine too).

In partnership with CCM Prep, the Piano Camp at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center brings together students and teachers* in an unprecedented experience for the students. A week-long camp combines some of the most interesting aspects of playing piano into an extraordinary experience for the student. Some parents of younger students asked us about what the camp looks like for the younger student. We assure you that it’s not 7 hours of sitting at a piano with a metronome clicking away (although, some may find that a fun concept too!).

Younger students are involved not only in ensemble piano, guided practicing and masterclasses, but are also participating in other fun activities daily, including:

–          Orf Music (playing and singing with Orf Instruments)

–          Composition (they get to compose their own piece!)

–          Art inspired by Music (by our Art Director Melinda Welch, M.A.Ed.).

–          There is also a scheduled 30 minute lunch break, and 5 minute breaks between each activity.

There is plenty of fun on piano, as well as away from it. We want students to learn music on their instrument as well as learn about music away from it, and walk away on Friday having been inspired while also being appropriately challenged. With these types of activities, the growth in the student in just that one week is unprecedented and remarkable. We have ran this camp for the past 11 years with Inna Terekhov’s guidance and expertise.

A sample schedule for the younger students is listed in our Piano Camp flyer which can be accessed here:


Older students follow somewhat a different route, with emphasis on collaborative piano skills (accompanying actual instrumentalist and/or vocalist), ensemble (2 or more pianists), playing jazz and, new this year, playing on the organ. They too are challenged in various aspects of playing, but all of it on the keyboard.

We invite you to call if you have any questions.

Online registration is here:


As always, thank you for your patronage!

* Faculty:

Masterclasses: Dr. Richard VanDyke, Dr. Lian Tan (Miami U), Dr. Irina Voro (UK), Dr. Nozomi Yamaguchi.

Classes and Coachings: Inna Terekhov (Enslemble), Matt Wiles (Theory), Dr. Claire Hudkins (Collaborative Coaching, Vocal), Luba Fedorov (Collaborative Coaching – Instrumental), Cheryl Raine (Orf Music), Brianna Metzke (CCM – Ensemble and Masterclass), Melinda Welch (Art), Rich Seil (Ensemble and Masterclass), Carolyn Miller (Composition), Mark Heiskanen (Organ).


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