Beginner Orchestra: Thursdays 5:45-6:30pm

An ensemble specifically designed for students who are at the beginning of their note-reading journey! All students are welcome, regardless of affiliations with other organizations and teachers outside the Center. Appropriate for students at the Suzuki Late Book 1 and Book 2 level (does not need to be a Suzuki student). We will focus on basic musicianship and ensemble skills, while gaining exposure to a sampling of repertoire and musical styles in a fun and nurturing environment!


Intermediate Orchestra: Thursdays 5:00-5:45pm

A mid-level string ensemble that is designed for students who are proficient in note-reading on all four strings and are comfortable reading in the keys of G, D, C, A and F Major. Familiarity with 3rd position is recommended. Student will play a variety of fun repertoire in various styles from classical to popular music. Appropriate for students at late Suzuki Book 2 through 4 levels (student does not have to be a Suzuki student – Suzuki used as a level example). Open to all students regardless of affiliation with other programs or teachers outside the Center.


Artist Chamber - Advanced Orchestra: Thursdays 5:00-5:45pm

An advanced group of Junior High/High School players who have several years of orchestra experience. This group will focus on challenging repertoire in a variety of genres and styles. Designed for student who want a challenging and gun experience to expand their musical and techical abilities. Appropriate for students at Suzuki Book 5 level and beyond (does not have to be a Suzuki student; Suzuki used as a level approximation). Open to all interested students regardless of affiliation with other programs (students don’t have to take lessons at the Center in order to participate).

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