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  • Christine Fishel: I’m interested in a violin summer camp for my 7th grader.
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Music Lessons are good for Brain Development!

Guitar Student at his Lesson

Guitar Student at the Center

There are various studies showing connection between music instruction and increase test scores. An analysis of the U.S. Department of Education NELS:88 database of over 25,000 students, followed over a ten year period, found that students who were involved in instrumental music scored significantly higher on standardized tests, reading and reading proficiency exams than those students who were not involved in musical instruction; regardless of their socioeconomic background. (- Catterall, Chapleau, Iwanaga. “Involvement in the Arts and Human Development: General Involvement and Intense Involvement in Music and Theatre Arts.” Los Angeles, CA: The Imagination Project at UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, 1999.)

Music lessons at the Center can be started as early as 3 or 4 (Suzuki Violin and Suzuki Piano programs), or even earlier with our Musikgarten program (Musik Kids)

Also, Science Daily published an interesting article about the effect of music lessons on childhood brain development. So this which we all thought to be common sense now has some research behind it. Check out this article from the Science Daily: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/04/110420112058.htm

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