Ms. Mary with Group Piano Book 2

Ms. Mary with Group Piano Book 2

Group Piano Classes

Musik Kids Program

Ages 5 1/2 - 9, parent participates 60 minutes weekly 14 classes & 1 recital

New Beginner- Book 1: Wednesday 5:00pm, Saturday 11am

Continuing Piano: Tuesday 4:45pm

Your child will literally gallop their way through the early levels of piano study, eager and excited to play piano! We drum, sing, play games and move to the music we are learning on the piano. Parents participate and help their child at home.


  1. Student must attend Pre-piano classes or equivalent, for 1-2 years prior to enrolling.

  2. Parent must meet with Ms. Mary to learn how the program works. Parents attend the class for Books 1,2,3 to learn all the beginning songs.