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  • Milan: Christine, I just sent you an email with camp listings. String Camps will be offered 9-12 on 7/17-21 and...
  • Christine Fishel: I’m interested in a violin summer camp for my 7th grader.
  • Milan: Hi Beth, We have many children who are homescohooled. I think your son will be quite fine in the class. For...
  • Beth Tanner: Hello, I heard about the MusicKids and its put in age groups. Unfortunately, my son will be a year older...
  • Milan: Hi Fran, thanks for your question – yes, spots are still available. Online registration will close when...

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Fall 2013-14 Dance and Musical Theater Program

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For list of classes, descriptions and registration information, please click here.

Wyoming Fine Arts Center welcomes Rosa Compostella as the newest Ballet instructor, Nancy Huey as the Musical Theater, and welcomes back Steve Irwin as the Jazz/Hip-Hop instructor and Heather Yee as the Dance and Movement (fitness) instructor. (You can read each teacher’s bio by clicking on their name.)

This line-up of teaching greats places the Center’s Dance Program on par with the levels offered at CCM Prep and the Cincinnati Ballet Academy. Dance program at the Center is geared to the beginning to level 2 student, those interested in classical ballet as well as more modern Jazz/Hip-Hop style, and also offers an entry-level Pre-Ballet class to preschool-age children (Music and Movement), as well as the Beginning Ballet for adult students. Objective of the dance program at the Center is to provide a fun and positive learning environment to a beginning to intermediate student of any age, and also to provide a solid foundation to those students who later decide to pursue a more rigorous dance programming. Dance classes meet on Tuesdays, Musical Theater on Wednesdays, commence on September 10/11. Spring Dance Recital is planned in collaboration with the Ballet Tech Ohio. Also, students will be welcomed to a refinished Ballroom flooring as well as to new dance mirrors (purchased last year).

For list of classes, descriptions and registration information, please click here.


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