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Upcoming Dance/Theater Events

 July 2018


Dance For Adults

Get up and dance—you know you want to! Join us at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center for dance classes and fun nights out, and meet others who share your interest.

Dancing with Parkinson’s

Dancing With Parkinson’s – Starts 8/16. Class meets: Wednesdays 2-3:15 For more information, contact Elizabeth at 513-379-1196, or check out program website: PDDanceCinci.org Sponsoring organization:  ArsWave and Parkinson’s Wellness Chapter. Facebook: www.facebook.com/DancingWithPDCincinnati www.facebook.com/ParkinsonsWellness   National Program: www.danceforparkinsons.org            

Dance To The Beat Class (Fitness for Adults)

Dance Fitness for Adults:   September – on:  Tuesdays 10 – 11 am.  **NEW TIME** Have you been looking for the perfect blend of cardio and sculpting in a relaxed, fun atmosphere?  Then Dance To The Beat at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center is for you!  You will learn basic dance steps while being cued […]

Flying Cloud Academy of Vintage Dance

Ever wish you could whirl around the dance floor a little more gracefully? This group that’s dedicated to the preservation of historic ballroom dance offers classes in Regency, Victorian, Ragtime, Jazz, and more. To learn about classes, workshops, and yearly balls, visit the Flying Cloud website.

Cincinnati Contra Dancers

Social contra dancing has been popular in America for more than 200 years. These simple, traditional dances require no special training or natural talent. All that’s required is a desire to smile and have fun. Dances are held on Monday evenings and second Saturdays of the month. To learn more, visit the Cincinnati Contra Dancers […]

Our Short Promo

Well, we’ve waited to get this up – but we think it’s cute.

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