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 July 2018



Experience the Joy of Creation

Each of us carries the spark of creativity within us. Some simply ignore it after childhood—but others continue to nurture and enjoy it throughout life.

Our art classes are small and sequential, taking students from beginning drawing, painting and printmaking, helping them continually build and progress. Instructors meet students at their skill level, build on past experiences, and challenge them creatively while developing critical thinking skills.

Explore our art classes for children, teens and adults. And take some time to rekindle your creative spirit.

Art For Kids

Creating and making is one of the most basic impulses a young child possesses.  We believe that encouraging the creative process helps promote a life time habit of exploration, personal expression, self awareness, confidence and problem solving skills.  In our art classes we like to provide the space for art discussion and collaboration.

Our art classes teach kids to look closely at the world around them, to learn to see it in new way, and to translate that into art. That’s a powerful tool that can help them thrive in many areas of life.

Our small class sizes ensure plenty of individual attention to make the most of your child’s natural talents. Take a look at our classes below, and give your kids a new way to see the world.


Art for Adults

There’s nothing like rediscovering the joy of creating art. Whether your last art class was in grade school, or you’ve been developing your talent for years, our instructors can guide and coach you to the next level. 

We offer art classes for high school students looking to expand their portfolio outside of school hours, as well as adults who want to build and nurture their skills. Explore them all, and experience the joy of creativity.


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