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Stop Animation (Claymation) Art Camp



Create a riveting story complete with a cast of bendable characters and a stunning background! All you need is your imagination, and a mobile device with a stop-action app of your choice (ipad, android, or any other suitable mobile device – BUT NOT a digital camera).

We will spend the week developing a story line and characters, storyboarding, creating characters from plasticine or other materials, creating the sets and of course, shooting the film.  Work with a friend or solo.  Movies will be showcased on the last day.

NOTE: we do require a mobile device other than digital camera, as digital camera will require a computer and appropriate software. This is a cumbersome process and not suitable for this camp. Several years ago we did this camp with digital cameras, and it took waaay tooo long to upload and edit the film, mainly due to 3 factors: image sizes and a relatively large digital footprint that requires extreme amount of RAM, need for excess hard drive space, and need for processing speed (CPU) that’s above what normally comes on even the mid-range computers. Apps currently on the market are very cheap (many are free and paid ones cost no more than $5), simple, intuitive and integrate flawlessly in the mobile device memory and cpu speeds. They do an amazing job of automatically stitching the film together, including editing, adding sound effects, titles and subtitles, etc. Thus, no digital cameras!

Mobile Device and App of your choice: As you prepare for the camp, browse your app store for an appropriate stop-action app, and familiarize yourself with it. Many apps exist, some are free and some cost up to $4.99 (mostly to unlock all tools provided in the app). Read the app reviews, and consider getting an app that suits you and which you can use to showcase your full creative potential.

Remember: this camp is an educational experience. It’s created for a student to have fun, first and foremost. Stop-action app is the tool and your mind is the creator – along with instruction on developing the story line, storyboarding, etc, app is what brings it all together. Thus, make sure you are familiar with the app, to unlock all the creative possibilities of the student.

Camp is offered:

  • Week of 6/4. 1 pm – 3 pm. Ages: 8+

Camp fee includes a t-shirt.




* Any morning and afternoon camp may be combined for a whole-day experience (making sure it’s for the same age group). Early drop-off and late pick-up is also available for only $25 for the entire week. It includes supervised lunch hour – please bring lunch with you.

* Early drop-off is 8:15 am and late pick-up is by 5:45 pm (6:00 pm for afternoon rock camps). Registration is available online (click here), or from the “Summer Camps — Summer At A Glance” menu (top right, second entry in the camp listing).

AM ONLY 1/2 DAY CAMPERS: You can drop off a child early for an AM camp and pick them up at noon if the child is not staying in the afternoon. Sing-up for an early drop-off / late pick up and pay $25 for the week.

* PM ONLY 1/2 DAY CAMPERS: You can drop off the child for the PM camp and pick them up by 5:45. Sing-up for an early drop-off / late pick up and pay $25 for the week.

* You cannot sign up for a PM camp only and drop off the child at 8:15, or sign up for an AM camp only and pick up the child by 5:45. If signing up for only one camp, be it AM or PM, early drop off and late pick up can only accommodate pre-camp care for AM campers or post-camp care for PM campers.

* LUNCH HOUR ONLY: If registering for AM and PM camp WITHOUT early drop-off and late pick-up, and the child WILL STAY here for the lunch hour (please bring bag lunch), supervised lunch hour is available for FREE. We still need to know you will not be picking-up your camper between AM and PM sessions, thus  Click here to register for supervised lunch hour, or register from the ‘Summer Camps — Summer At A Glance” menu (top right, first entry in the camp listing).

* Contingent on adequate enrollment – camps may be cancelled due to low enrollment – register early to reserve your spot and avoid cancellations. 

Camp Age Group: Ages 8-13
Camp Prerequisite:

You must bring a mobile device with an appropriate stop-action app installed, and must be familiar with your app of choice.

Maximum Camp Size: 16

Stop Animation Art Camp

Camp Dates: 06/04/2018 - 06/08/2018
Time: 1 pm - 3 pm
Single Tuition: $145 (Deposit: $50)
Sibling Tuition: $130.50 (Deposit: $50)

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