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Brochures and Flyers

School Year 2017-18

2017 Fall Master Brochure

2017-18 Programs Calendar

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Summer 2017


Brochure Summer 2017 – Mailing Version

Piano Camp Flyer

Strings Camp Flyer

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School Year 2016-17

2016 Fall MASTER Brochure

2016-17 Programs Calendar

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Summer 2016

2016 MASTER Summer Camps Brochure

2016 PIANO Summer Camp Brochure

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School Year 2015-16


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Summer 2015

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School Year 2014-15

2014-15 Winter/Spring Programs

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Summer 2014

2014 Summer Flyer – 3 page

2014 STRINGS Summer Camp Brochure

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2014 ART Summer Brochure



School Year 2103-14

Brochures and Flyers:

2013-2014 Programs Calendar (ALL)

2013-2014 Programs Booklet

2013-2014 Programs Mailer (3 page)




2013 Summer String Camp Brochure

2013 Summer Piano Camp Brochure

2013 Musical Theater Flyer – Hairspray

2013 Summer Rock Camps Flyer


2012-2013 Brochure – Wyoming Fine Arts Center


2012-2013 Suzuki Strings Calendar

2012-2013 Suzuki Strings Policy Guide

2012-2013 Suzuki Strings Group Schedule

2012 Summer Camps Poster

2012 Rock Camps Flyer

2012 Summer Piano Camps Brochure



Pinocchio | Colors and Cupcakes | ArtsWave Days – Saturday 2/10 |

For Full Schedule of events 2/9 and 2/10, Click Here!!

ArtsWave Days

February 10, 2018

11 am – 10 pm

11 am – 12 pm: Dance with Steve Irwin

Fun for all ages! For over 20 years Cincinnati’s dancing guru Steve Irwin has taught generations of children all around the city. Steve will teach you next – how to move like you know your business! Have fun with awesome tunes and move your stuff! No experience necessary – matter of fact only fun-loving peeps should come – and if you won’t be dancing, skip this, m-kay?!

12 – 1 pm: Art Studio Open House

Since the dawn of times, humans have created art pieces: painting on caves, dolls and demigods from sticks and rocks… Express your own ancestral creative DNA!! You will create your own masterpiece from various art supplies provided under watchful eye of our own Ms. Melinda Welch, M. Ed. (Art).

12:30 – 2 pm: Cincinnati Civic Orchestra

Hear America’s oldest all-volunteer orchestra rehearse while sitting with the orchestra members inside the orchestra itself! Be an orchestra musician for a day and see all the action. Cincinnati Civic Orchestra was established in 1929 and it is the longest-running all-volunteer orchestra in the nation. More info: CincinnatiCivicOrchestra.org

5-6 pm: The Filipino Dance Project: Dances from different parts of Philippines

7:30 – 10 pm: Cincinnati Contra Dancers

Contradance – Ready to Contradance! Huh? What is it? An evening filled with a live band playing, a caller calling, and you dancing your heart out with our regulars. Saturdays are always busy so expect to meet a ton of new friends. No previous experience needed. Bring you smile and comfy shoes!